Requiem of the West

Legends of the Underground Temple

End Summary: Arita obtained Delusions (Quirk)-believes ghosts are the souls of dead gods
Haji hurt baaaad (Jack has numbers).
Obtained magic bell thing.

The gang began wounded underground, Shiomai suffering from a splitting headache (-1 to IQ) and Haji unconscious (-8 HT). Jyuurota began searching the nearby rooms, finding that the gang was in some sort of elaborately carved though simply built Shinto Shrine. For the moment they were safe from the spirit that hounded their steps.
Arita, examining the architecture, was stymied by darkness and unfamiliarity in the architecture…at first, but upon second inspection revealed that the area beyond the archway might be navigable if crawled or dug through. Moreover, the pedestal, though gargantuan and made of stone, was hollow. Jyuurota, after focusing his chi, braced himself against the altar and began to push against the stone as his conscious team members muttered disapproval but did nothing to stop him. He found that the construction of the altar meant the lid could only be lifted, not pushed from its place.
They began inspecting the altar for a less brute force way to open it up, and found that while there was no such device it was created with the intention of being lifted by several participants. Jyuurota made his way back over, centered his chi, and attempted to separate the altar from its top. Aided by Arita, they nobly failed and were greeted merely by a cloud of dust overwhelming them.

Rallying again in the hopes it might be a way out Jyuurota and Arita lifted the top clear off the altar, Shiomai deftly dodging out of the way as they shattered it on the ground. Arita peered inside and returned retching, his eyes watering and head reeling. He remembered only darkness and dread within. Jyuurota looked as well and immediately turned away in horror and fear. Shiomai went in as well, and stunned by what she saw managed to maintain composure.

Within she beheld an embalmed corpse, which was odd and deformed in many ways, almost looking inhuman. However, her right hand looked fresh and new, while the rest of the arm appeared in motion as it twisted in time and various modes of decay. She was garbed in priestly robes, something clutched in her hand. Sana recollected that such women would rarely be buried rather than burnt. They only preserved the holy and the valuable, so whoever this was would be truly revered or truly dangerous. The likeliest thing she might have held would be a sacred bell.

Haji awoke to the pungent smell of vomit. The gang took a moment to get their breath and set out to find a way out (and Arita looked for something to steal). He decided the bell was the most valuable and attempted to filch it away without breaking the hands. He succeeded, but as soon as he did the spirit from before burst across the threshold towards them.

Shit got fucked up bad. Baaaaaaddd. By banding together and getting stabbed numerously, they finally defeated it. Examining the bell in detail revealed that it was unusually ornate. The priestess buried was buried with an iron bell in her right hand, which did not go according to the religion. Ringing the bell, Sana collapsed and the entire group became consumed by exhaustion. It bore the same symbol as the device that used to keep Sana at bay.

Jyuurotta attempted to climb the wall, to get a better look, finding the roof is just barely being held up, and Shiomai awoke to her own body again. They got themselves together and set out to try to find a way back.



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