Oishi Arita


TL: 3

ST: 11 HP: 11
DX: 11 Will: 15
IQ: 15 Per: 17
HT: 11 FP: 11

Basic Lift: 24
Basic Speed: 5.5
Basic Move: 5

Thr 1d-1
Sw 1d+1

Appearance (Beautiful)
Charisma 2
Danger Sense
Hard to Kill 3
Patrons (Regent) (9 or less)
Status (2 (includes +1 from Wealth))
Wealth (Wealthy)
Signature Gear (Fine Katana
Normal Wakizashi)

Honest Face
Weapon Bond (Katana)

Code of Honor (Personal Loyalty)
Curious (12 or less)
Duty (Retainer) (9 or less (fairly often))
Enemy (Old Guard) (A large group (21-1000 people)) (9 or less; Rival)
Greed (12 or less)
Guilt Complex
Overconfidence (12 or less)
Impulsiveness (12 or less)
Obsession (Ambition) (Long-Term Goal) (12 or less)
Obsession (Koku) (Long-Term Goal) (12 or less)
Secret (Code of Honor) (Serious Embarrassment)
Secret (Ignoble Birth) (Serious Embarrassment)
Secret (Previous Daimyo) (Possible Death)
Sense of Duty ((Companions)) (Small Group)
Sense of Duty (Koku) (Large Group)

Creative Interpretation
Dislikes Ceremony
Habit (Dishonest)

Acting: 15
Area Knowledge (Caira): 15
Body Language (Human): 18
Brawling: 15
Camouflage: 15
Carousing: 13
Connoisseur (Kabuki Theater): 14
Current Affairs (Politics)
Detect Lies: 20
Diplomacy: 16+2
Disguise: 15
Enthrallment (Persuade): 14
Escape: 11
Fast-Draw (Sword): 13
Fast-Talk: 16+2
Filch: 11
Forgery: 13
Gambling: 14
Holdout: 14
Intelligence Analysis: 13
Intimidation: 14+2
Leadership: 16
Merchant: 14
Observation: 16
Psychology (Human): 13+3
Public Speaking: 18
Savoir-Faire (High Society): 15+2
Shadowing: 14
Stealth: 12
Strategy (Land): 13
Streetwise: 14+2
Tactics: 13
Two-Handed Sword: 15
Urban Survival: 16
Short sword: 12
Climbing: 11

Masterfully tailored, hardened steel, light mail shirt: DR-4, 8.4 weight.
Masterfully tailored cloth armor (arms and legs): DR-1, 2.1/4.2 weight.
Normal quality Daisho (Fine quality Katana): 5.0/2.0/1.0 weight.
1850 remaining Koku


Having risen from nothing through his wits and cunning Oishi Arita is clearly of his clan. He despises tradition, but at the same time craves higher and higher status, and tries constantly to prove his worth. He’s arrogant, and responds very poorly when that arrogance is called into question or when he fails to live up to his own expectations. He’s uncompromising in his desire to win at all costs, even when compromise may be the less risky option, which puts him at odds with his employer and patron.

Oishi Arita

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