Requiem of the West

Season 04 Episode 01

the Scooby Gang investigates a cult

- Arita is recovering in the dojo
- Shiomai’s cold iron check shows warm to the touch today
-it’s a week after H and J’s koku assassination mission

  • we’re going into culty tunnels dressed as untouchables (Haji as a messenger, Jyuurouta as a leprosy/ burn victim samurai, Shiomai as a mortician. Haji remembers the route.)

Getting into the untouchables district
- check out the house w/ entrace: old lady and young boy
- scared them off (thanks Haji) and we descend into ~the Grunge~

We find the scene of the crime!
-they left in a rush and didn’t clean up, except for burning some papers
- Jyuurouta’s sword vibrates faintly near the door
- we take rubbings and sort through the ashes. Decent rubbings and a list of 6 names result (3 full names, 3 surnames)
- Shiomai took too close a look at the rubbings and Sana almost came for a visit. Repressed though. She hears a lullaby from behind The Door (her language, unfamiliar dialect)
- Haji sees someone out of the corner of his eye. It’s probably Seiji, isn’t it. Fuck that guy.
- Shiomai leaves through the sewers on the inn end. Haji and Jyuurouta get lost, hungry, and tired in the dark. They get out though.

Next Morning
- Shiomai woke up screaming! Fun times
- Shiomai’s people reports come in. Nothing on half of the names. The other half turned up known. I had an unfortunate accident a week ago, another is missing, and a third is on vacation. Three are just surnames.
- Flashpoints. Areas where peasant revolt would hit hardest: the Docks and Untouchables District. Dangerous parties: disaffected clans, peasant war veterans.

The Next Next Morning
- Shiomai falls asleep. Sana wakes up. (A peaceful transition for once)
- Sana very graciously informs Jyuurouta that she’s here and asks politely for an update. They show her the rubbings.
- Depicts erection of a temple by the 3 clans in 220 AD, unspecified diety. The temple itself was a lore repository, with the history of the empire and surrounding mythology carved on the walls. Sana doesn’t know where the temple was. It was built in celebration of “the fulfillment of the destiny of dawn”. It’s all pre-cataclysm.
-She hummed the lullaby while she worked.

Next time: the party goes to the inn! what’s more fun than taking Sana to The Door? :D



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