Yukimori Sakura

Born a peasant, forged into a scholar and a warrior.


Height: 5 ft 7 inches.
Weight: A lady never tells. How dare you ask!
Appearance: Quite lovely, her bone structure says southern, but her complexion says northern. Slim and wiry.

ST: 11
DX: 12
IQ: 13
HT: 11
HP: 11
Will: 13
Per: 13
FP: 11

Basic Lift: 24
Basic Speed: 5.75
Basic Move: 5

Thr 1d-1
Sw 1d+1

TL: 3

Appearance (Beautiful)
Combat Reflexes
Trained By A Master

Code of Honor (Soldier’s)
Curious (12 or less for self control rolls)
Dependent (Second Wind students) (No more than 25%) (Friend; 9 or less)
Discipline of Faith (Ritualism)
Guilt Complex (If mishap not your fault, suffer effects of chronic depression for 15-Will days, minimum one day. Use will as effective self control number. If mishap was your fault, effects of chronic depression will last 20-Will days, minimum two days, and effective self control number is will-3)
Oblivious: -1 to use or resist the Influence skills: Diplomacy, Fast talk, intimidation, savoir-faire, sex appeal, streetwise.
Obsession (Long term) (Make a self control roll every time it would be wise to deviate from your goal. If you fail, you pursue your obsession.)
Phobia (Coitophobia). Penalty at -2 to all DX, IQ, and skill rolls. Mere threat of feared object requires self control roll at +4.
Post-Combat Shakes: Self control roll at the end of any battle. If fail roll 3d and add to amount by which you failed your self control roll, look up result in fright table.
Selfless: Must make a self control roll to put your needs (even survival) before those of someone else.
Sense of Duty (Small Group):
Vow (Major)

Dislikes large horses
Horrible Hangovers

Acrobatics 14
Acting 13
Alchemy 13
Body Language 12
Broadsword 15
Climbing 14
Cryptography 14
First Aid 15
Hobby Skill (Woodworking/Whittling) 8
Jumping 13
Karate 17
Linguistics 12
Lockpicking 14
Meditation 11
Naturalist 12
Pressure points 16
Pressure Secrets 14
Research 13
Running 13
Savoir-Faire (Mafia) 13
Search 12
Shadowing 14
Stealth 14
Streetwise 13
Urban Survival 12

Kicking (Karate) 14


Yukimori Sakura

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