Scheming Cripple


Age: Unknown, late 40’s

This broken man rarely moves more than his left hand. The entire right half of his body bears the telltale signs of hideous trauma. Burns and scars cover his face and arms, making every small movement painful for him and his right hand is bent permanently into the three-fingered claw for which he is named.

Despite this, he carries himself with dignity and demands respect from his many underlings. His true power is his mind and he is never found without physical manifestations of that strength, surrounded by mountains of scrolls and missives, as well as the many gifts of those aided by the information he provided.


Three-Fingers is a master information broker. He survives on his mind alone and has made a near-monopoly of knowing everything there is to know about the city and its operations. He remains strictly neutral in the affairs of the noble houses and allows his silence to be bought as well as his knowledge. If he has a greater agenda than the continuous accumulation of knowledge, it is not known by any.


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