The Brothers Erizawa Kokeo and Masaru

Hedonistic Leaders of the Silk Cartel


Ages: 77 and 89

Despite being over a decade apart in age, these brothers look like twins. They are both old enough that any distinguishing features have become lost among the blemishes of age and hearty living. Even their heights appear the same, though they rarely rise from sitting for that to be noticeable.

They dress only in the finest of silks, with what seems like a new pair of kimonos every day. Whatever the season, weather, or festival, they are always dressed to the height of fashion and beyond. Their power is such that they often out-dress the nobles they hold companionship with and none have the bravery to call them out on this rudeness.


Holding court in the richest part of The Crown, these brothers are responsible for the Silk Cartel’s operations in Caira. While their business practices are meticulous and their hospitality is legendary, the two are truly monstrous. Though amicable and friendly in person, merchants are warned against crossing the pair; common knowledge holds that doing so is both economic and literal suicide.

Rumors persist of secret “torture celebrations” thrown for the sadistic brutalization of failed rivals.

The Brothers Erizawa Kokeo and Masaru

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