"Sir" Tezuka Juzaburo

Corrupt overseer of the Lower Docks


Age: 57

Juzaburo is a hunched and scrawny man, who moves with the same skittish stuttering of the crabs that make their homes under his docks. He wears little in the way of finery, preferring plain wool robes of black and grey, printed in repeating patterns of his samurai crest. The exceptions to this are his swords, gaudy pieces of iron that he keeps meticulously maintained, and his purse.

Juzaburo’s purse requires special mention – it is huge. He keeps a purse the size of a man’s head filled always with gold, slung over his shoulder. While this would normally be considered dangerous even in the safest of districts, it is a testament to his sheer power that he has survived more than a minute with this habit in the Lower Docks.


Juzaburo is the defacto overseer of the only ordered part of the Lower Docks. This stability is maintained through a small army of thugs and enforcers, payed for through endless bribes. Ship captains pay him for preferential docking, they pay him to overlook smuggled shipments, they pay him for protection money to avoid “accidents”, they pay him for the use of his dock workers, and they pay him for many other things. His excesses are such that he has found it necessary to employ a veritable horde of taxmen and accountants simply to keep track of the sea of bribes that pass through every day.

While not a samurai by birth, he has taken advantage of the situation to do some bribing of his own. He has remained tight lipped as to how much it cost him, but it is well known that he payed a lord into granting him a patent of nobility.

"Sir" Tezuka Juzaburo

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