Seito Sanji

Captain of the Iron Crane Mercenaries


Age: 39

Seito Sanji carries himself grimly, as though holding the weight of the entire war on his shoulders. His armor is a hodge-podge of different styles, clearly scavenged from numerous battlefields over the years. Underneath, his kimono is a spartan grey wool, thick enough for protection against both weather and weapons.

His speech is peppered with the tics of a commoner. Particularly when speaking with nobles, he is prone to the genuflections of one of significantly lower status.


Sanji was born fatherless to a “follower” of a lord’s army. His mother always insitsted that his father was a valiant samurai, though all evidence pointed to her only servicing common ashigaru. Regardless, the likely lie helped him to survive growing up as an urchin in an army’s train.

Over the years he established himself as a capable soldier, fighting in several skirmishes before deserting following a particularly bloody fight in the northern forests. He and several common friends were the only survivors. Scavenging the armor from fallen samurai they presented themselves as travelling ronin and formed the Iron Crane mercenary band.

Seito Sanji

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