Mistress Hagino Arisa

Mistress of Brothels


Age: 93

This withered crone stands with a peculiar uprightness for her apparent age. Indeed, her movements appear as though she is a strange ephemeral marionette, guided by some unearthly hand. Her stick-like limbs move jerkily, yet with surprising agility, beneath threadbare silk robes of scarlet and silver.


Hagino Arisa is the ancient and bitter head lady of a near monopoly on brothels in Caira. She was a geisha before rising to power and the brothel life is all that she has ever known. This is not to say that she is a sympathetic figure, far from it, as she is responsible for creating a gang of thugs that “recruit” young men and women who end up without protection on the street.

Mistress Hagino Arisa

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