Matsushima Kahori

Commander of the Iron Band


Age: 44

Masushima would be nondescript in almost every way, were it not for the crisscrossing maze of scars that covers her face and arms. Earned over a lifetime of brutal mercenary work, she makes little attempt to hide her appearance. She has even gone so far as to insult other samurai for their lack of scars, indicating that she thinks them cowards.

Beyond that feature, she keeps her hair closely cropped to her scalp, eschewing the traditional topknot. This feature is rarely noticeable however, as she is rarely without her signature armor – a mismatched set of high quality plate from different eras and clans.


Masushima Kahori is the leader of the Iron Band, the “police” mercenary force of the Golden Crown district. She is a tough, scarred, warrior; entirely focused on financial gain to the exclusion of all else. Nothing but wealth matters to her and she would happily kill her own friend if the price was right. Indeed, it is rumored that she once killed a lover of hers because he became a nuisance to wealthy enemies who bought her services.

This dedication to gold before morals means that her band is responsible for as many crimes as they prevent, all in the name of wealthy merchants.

Matsushima Kahori

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