Jaku Amano

Right hand to the empress


Age: ?

Amano is the adviser to the Sunset Empress that arrived mysteriously several years ago and has never been seen by anyone other than her and a select few of his own retainers. It has been publicly announced that he has a rare and noncontagious disease that causes him to be deeply sensitive to light and sits at the empress’ right hand in heavy all-concealing gray robes. Many in the western court murmur that his advice seems nonsensical at times and malicious at others.

Whatever distrust many may have for him, he is undeniably powerful and it is an open secret that he commands the empress’ secret police and spy networks. No few revolutionary cells have been slaughtered by his Kempeitai, samurai dressed in unmarked gray robes and armor, except for a white armband bearing the organization’s crest.


Little to nothing is known about this mysterious man. Only that the time of his arrival corresponded to the final reports of the elimination of the Kageyama. Visible agitation has been noted the few times that the name of this dead clan has been mentioned in court, leading to wide speculations regarding the cause.

Jaku Amano

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