Iisamu Toshiru

Current lord of the Iisamu family.


Age: 65

Lord Toshiru is the picture of powerful nobility. His salt-and-pepper hair is kept perpetually in a perfectly contained topknot, held together with the same fierce lines as the spartan robes he wears. Lines of age and stress mark his face with a fierce hardness, giving him the look of an ancient terracotta statue… only augmented by the preternatural stillness with which he holds himself at all times.


Toshiru is an honored member of the Caira nobility. To him, his family is everything; the only thing more important to him is duty to his empress. He is fanatically dedicated to the Caira cause, and this has made him a favored adviser to the Empress; a position he held for decades. He has become bitter in recent years towards the mysterious figure that has replaced his desired position at the right hand of the Empress.

Iisamu Toshiru

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