Hojitaka Totora

True Leader of the Monastery


Age: 77

Though aging, this monk was clearly once a formidable fighter. Thick muscles ripple beneath his robes, and he retains a constant stance of readiness at all times.


Totora is the adopted son and right hand of Hojitaka Masamura. He has risen from being a ruthless street-thug in his youth to his current exalted status as a High Priest only through the kindness of his adoptive father. Knowing that he is only alive because of that grace, it grieves him deeply to see the slow decline of the Lord Abbot’s faculties.

Though none desire to contemplate the inevitable, it is likely that when Masamura dies, Totora will be elected to succeed by the elder priests of the monastery. Indeed, he already manages nearly every affair of the organization’s day-to-day existence; striving apparently at all times to uphold his father’s legacy. His past is still a part of him however, decades of monastic training have not fully cleansed his cunning, or his hotheadedness, and he is a fierce defender of the people. While the nobles tolerate his fiery rhetoric for now, there is concern that his ascension could mark the beginning of a new, more militant, church.

Hojitaka Totora

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