Hojitaka Masamura

Ancient and semi-senile abbot of the monastery


Age: 103

Though the body of this ancient monk is clearly failing, his voice remains truly beautiful. Echoing out from a shell that can barely contain the soul beneath, there is a deep beauty to his every word. Beyond this, he radiates a calming stillness. His stillness might appear to be that of a statue or a corpse in any other, but coming from him it is natural. It is right for him to be where he is, wherever that is.


It is joked that Masamura is as old as the city itself and it is true that there are none left who remember a time when he wasn’t Lord Abbot of the Abey of the Dawn. Though his role has been relegated to one almost purely ceremonial, he is a respected political figure in his own right, and his words carry significant weight in the streets. He has seen the cycles of war before, and despite the devastation of the past decade, he remains an ever hopeful voice that peace will come again.

Yet his age is finally catching up to him and he rarely leaves the grounds of the inner monastery anymore, having delegated all matters of import to numerous lower priests. Further, his compassion has grown ever stronger as his intellect has dulled over the years, which would him prone to the machinations of those more cunning on the political scene, were it not for the guidance of his adopted son Hojitaka Totora.

Hojitaka Masamura

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