Hironobu Jyuurouta

Last scion of the Hironobu clan. Sensei of the Second Wind. Son to a murdered father, brother to a murdered sister, groom to a murdered bride. He had his vengeance, in this life.


I’m gone,
and I know it hurts,
but you still have a life to enjoy,
and I’ll be here for you when you reach the afterlife.

Age: 30
Height: 5’ 10’’ Weight: 168 lbs.
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Tan
Hair: Long, Black
Appearance: Used to be kind of a prettyboy. Still fairly handsome, but heavily scarred and worn down by life. Two prominent scars, across his right side and left cheek.

TL: 3

ST: 13 HP: 14
DX: 13 Will: 12
IQ: 12 Per: 12
HT: 11 FP: 11

Basic Lift: 34
Basic Speed: 6
Basic Move: 6

Thr 1d
Sw 2d-1

Ally (Second Wind) (50% of starting points) (9 or less; Group Size (11-20))
Alternate Identity (Illegal)
Appearance (Attractive)
Charisma 1
Combat Reflexes
Fearlessness 1
Hard to Kill 1
Hard to Subdue 1
Military Rank 2
Status 1 (+1 from Rank)
Trained by a Master

Alcohol Tolerance
Grip Mastery (Katana)
No Hangover
Weapon Bond (Katana)
Penetrating Voice

Alcoholism (Functions like an addiction, also roll vs. Will in the presence of alcohol. Failure results in 2d hour binge)
Bad Temper (12 or less; roll not to act against the cause of stress)
Dependent (Second Wind) (No more than 50%) (12 or less; Group of Dependents; Loved one)
Duty (Retainer) (9 or less (fairly often))
Enemy (Unknown) (More powerful than the PC) (9 or less; Hunter; Unknown)
Guilt Complex (If mishap happens to significant person, suffer Chronic Depression. 20-Will and Self Control=Will-3 if your fault, 15-Will and Self Control=Will if not.)
Light Sleeper (Roll HT if sleeping in uncomfortable place or more than the slightest noise. Can try each hour, but suffer the effects of missed sleep. Must fail Sense roll to keep sleeping if activity breaks out.)
Nightmares (12 or less; Each morning on waking; – 1 FP that can only be recovered through sleep, critical failure results in – 1 to all skills for the day)
Sense of Duty (Companions) (Small Group) (Must render aid to certain group.)
Secret (Vendetta) (Imprisonment or Exile)

Dislikes Opium
Dislikes Ghosts
Habit (Martial Readiness)
Habit (Stress Humming)
Personality Change

Acrobatics 14
Acting 13
Body Language (Human) 12
Bow 15
Camouflage 12
Carousing 12
Climbing 13
Cryptography 10
Diplomacy 11+1
Disguise 11
Fast-Draw (Knife) 14
Fast-Draw (Sword) 14
Fast-Talk 11+1
First Aid 12
Flying Leap 11
Forgery 10
Holdout 11
Immovable Stance 11
Interrogation 11
Intimidation 12+1
Jumping 13
Karate 14
Kiai 10
Knife 13
Leadership 13
Light Walk 12
Navigation 13
Observation 12
Poetry 11
Power Blow 12
Running 12
Savoir-Faire (Dojo) 12+1
Savoir-Faire (High Society) 12+1
Search 11
Shadowing 12
Shortsword 13
Singing 11
Sleight of Hand 11
Stealth 14
Streetwise 11+1
Swimming 12
Survival (Subterranean) 11
Tactics 12
Teaching 12
Two-Handed Sword 19


Exceptional success on Observation check for the Palace.

6,152 koku


Miss Taku- Veteran of the bandit conflict
Senpu Takio- Brash, young, new. 15 years old. Male
Mitsuo- New recruit. Male
Miko- New recruit. Female
Sakuyori Toshi- Shy, attractive, newish. 16 years old, Male.
Son Ishida- Nasty, skilled, newish. 20 years old. Male
Nanase Ayano- Dexterous, responsible, newish. 19 years old. Female
Okawa Hanako- Sneaky, scrawny, newish. 17 years old. Female
Kiyama Oichi- Graceless, stout, newish. 18 years old. Male
Koyama Daisuke- Serious, stoic, newish. 19 years old. Male
Kaifu Ichigo- Naive, honest, newish. 17 years old. Male

Light Mail on torso
Medium Lamellar on upper arms, upper legs, and torso
Layered Cloth, Light on upper arms, upper legs
Medium Lamellar Bascinet on head (no padding)

Torso- 7
Upper Arms and legs- 6
Head- 4

Hironobu Jyuurouta

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