Anara "The Peasant Empress"

Warrior defender of the peasantry


Age: 31

A sense of purpose radiates out from this fierce warrior, matters such as fashion seem to matter little to her. Her clothing is rumpled and her hair looks as though it is desperately trying to escape its tight braid. Dark circles of sleep deprivation frame soft blue eyes that are constantly moving, looking for the next threat or opportunity.


Young, but powerful, Anara is the capable de-facto leader of the Northern Foundation district. Originally the daughter of a poor merchant family, her parents and siblings were killed nine years ago during the first wave of chaos. Using what little capital was left to her, she set about rebuilding her little part of the slums. Though it bankrupted her to do so, this act of generosity propelled her immediately into the political landscape of the Northern Foundation; her intellect did the rest, and she now wields significant political power among the lower classes.

Under her supervision, a crude peasant militia has formed in Northern Caira to repel attacks from the roaming bands of mercenaries and bandits. Ironically, it is here that the greatest danger to her security rests. For if she becomes more noted by the higher echelons of Caira society, it is easy to conceive of her true samurai lords seeing the militia as nothing more than yet another tool in their endless conflict. Something which she would be both powerless to stop, as well as duty-bound to obey. The situation is then an endless balancing act between necessary sacrifices to maintain the masquerade and an idealistic desire for progress.

Anara "The Peasant Empress"

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