Requiem of the West

The Price of Progress

Of Lords and Mercenaries

Session I: New Rivalries

Following negotiations with the lady regent of the Koku clan, the party set off to stop and hopefully acquire a shipment of coin and supplies that House Tsutsui was providing to a group of mercenaries in exchange for their loyalty.

With little time to prepare before the shipment’s arrival at its destination, the party set out at once, stopping by the small settlement of Chisana for information. There they met the corpulent magistrate, Fuhai Shita – a mountain of a man in the least flattering way possible, with a pale peak and enormous girth.

In exchange for the shipment, he agreed to help the party gather bandits from the surrounding region to attack the caravan, which was guarded by a supposed force of 150 soldiers. The next day two small groups had gathered under the leadership of Yoi Kinpatsu and Mikiui Tuko respectively. The first is a handsome warrior of Islander heritage, as belied by his platinum hair that he keeps pulled back in a short ponytail. A long leather Haori coat covers his battered armor, and a set of ancestral daisho on his belt belie a noble ancestry.
Conversely, Tuko is a disgruntled spud of a man, his homely features best likened to that of a pug with a broken nose. He carries himself in a way that inspires immediate distrust in those around him, despite his often obsequious nature. Despite this, he too carries a battered daisho beneath the tattered pile of rags that he apparently wears to protect himself from both positive first impressions and the elements.

Following a brief contest to prove their capabilities and alleviate boredom, both Kinpatsu and Jyuurouta finished a duel with live steel having gained new-found respect for one another. Throwing this into contrast was the one-sided competition that Haji made with Tuko, utterly humiliating the bandit in front of both his men and the spectators from the town.

A planning session was then interrupted when a messenger burst in, shouting that the bridge the caravan would have taken was out and that they had changed their course into the coastal forests.

Session II: Failed Ambushes



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